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Track 1: The High-Performance Manager

The High-Performance Manager

Track 2: Productivity at Scale

Productivity at Scale

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Business Skills
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AI for Managers
& Teams

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Health &

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The High-Performance Manager

Learning Objective: Develop the skills and confidence to lead and manage motivated, high-performance, and resilient teams in demanding environments.

Best for: New and experienced managers and aspiring leaders in dynamic, fast-growing companies.

The High-Performing Manager Track helps you develop and grow your leadership persona with actionable tools and frameworks.
The Manager Coach
The Delegation &
Feedback Loop
Motivation & Psych-Safety
Difficult Conversations 
Goal-Setting & OKRs
Decision-Making &

Productivity at Scale

Learning Objective: A vision and action plan how to bring your company to the next level of productivity, using the latest operating and org. design methodologies.

Best for: Leaders, Managers, and HR professionals currently going through a transformation and/or looking for ways to build a more a resilient, agile, and productive organization.

Change Leadership
Operating System
Vision-to-Reality with OKRs
Agile Everywhere
Better Meetings at Scale
Better Hybrid at Scale
Bonus: AI Tools
The Productivity at Scale Track helps you develop effective working practices at any scale for your team and organization.

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