Our Mission is to make work amazing.

Work can be amazing. It really, really can - for both employees and organization.

Organizations are fighting to make the world a bit better each and every day - their missions deserve high-performance. And humans spend so much of their lifetime at work, why not strive to create a fantastic work environment. We are here to find the biggest overlap between high-performance and high-engagement at the workplace.

From here in Berlin Mitte, we’ve been working with European tech organizations of all sizes, from 50-person scaleup to 2000-people grownup, in projects from a 1-day productivity workshop, to a 3-months change management program, to 1-year general manager upskilling program. We are finally ready to curate the absolute best in an open cohort academy. Welcome to HelloCircle.

HelloCircle Founder giving a Live Class on how to run Better Meetings at Scale

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HelloCircle is a spin-off of BIA Berlin Innovation Agency

We are a spin-off of BIA Berlin Innovation Agency

Berlin Innovation Agency (BIA) is a boutique transformation studio, working globally with lots of love from Berlin Mitte. BIA designs tailored innovation, change and learning journeys to help organizations accelerate their transformation to x - whatever their x is. 

BIA is also an active innovation hub, running startup accelerators and corporate innovation programs. The most current and active program is the ClimateX Hub.

BIA was founded in 2019 by Entrepreneur Darius Moeini. Early 2024, the BIA team spun-off the HelloCircle Academy to be able to lean into their successful work with training programs for tech companies. 
Darius Moeini, Founder of HelloCircle

I deeply appreciate the role of HR as the epicenter of transformation, and L&D as the strongest catalyst for change and excellence. It was an organic step for us to build HelloCircle, the social learning academy for Leaders in Tech Companies.

Darius Moeini, Founder

Working with tech companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, Deezer, and HelloFresh has been incredibly motivating. The dedication and drive of our program participants in navigating challenges and taking swift action inspire us to evolve alongside them.

Anastasia Sukhomlinova, Head of Customer Relationships
Anastasia Sukhomlinova, Head of Customer Relationships
Florencia Fedel, Head of Learning Product

Over the last four years, our open-cohort startup programs have empowered more than 125 entrepreneurs, shaping their journey and accelerating their path to growth. We’ve taken inspiration from those interactive and collaborative experiences to build a cutting-edge Academy for the Tech Industry - with social learning, actionability, and peer accountability at its core.

Florencia Fedel, Head of Learning Product